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Non-Metallic Fabrication

Our experienced fabrication team use the most modern technology available to ensure quality of our products. Specializing in hot air plastic welding, we can create a completely corrosion resistant product for just about any area of industry. In many cases, fabrication of thermoplastics provides a cheaper and better alternative to equipment in a highly corrosive atmosphere or used for high purity applications.
plastic hot air welding

PVC welding being preformed on a vacuum relief valve

custom fabrcated liquid distributor tank internals PVDF

PVDF Liquid Distributor after final welding

holding tank tanks hydrotest corrosion
hot air welded PTFE sample box Reichter valve

PVDF sampling box custom design for Richter Valve

Fabricated welded bed limiter tank internal

Polypropylene Bed limiter packed for shipping

Custom Designed and Fabricated Polypropylene tanks after hydrotest

acrylic spool piece plastic flanged clear see through

Acrylic Spool Piece

engineered agitator shop deer park texas

Polypro Agitator

PVDF Double "Wye"

engineered agitator shop deer park texas

Halar Injection Tee

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