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Engineering Services

"Under allowable yet above average"

Unique problems require specialized solutions, why not let us help? Our experienced engineering team can provide design solutions for specific needs. Whether you’re starting at conceptual design or need final detailing, we’d be happy to join you any step of the way. Our team is very knowledgeable in non-metallic fabrication techniques and can design products around our shops manufacturing capabilities. Among the services we offer are, Stress/fatigue Analysis, materials consulting, model detailing & drafting, qualification testing, installation/maintenance procedures, fully defined construction documentation, and more. Throughout our years of operation we have keenly applied innovative solutions to some of the industries most unique problems. Let us put you on the right track towards solving your next problem.

3d modeling services CAD valves piping filters
CFD computational fluid dynamics flow pressure head loss losses
Analysis FEA finite element analysis stress strain engineering design
engineered skid with piping pumps valves FRP design
spool drawing drafting CAD peek
Carbon bed general arrangement absorption apsorbtion
plastic machined and engineered drafting consultion
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