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Skid Mounted Equipment

custom designed venturi style scrubber designed for continious operation frp CPVC automated
chemical dosing injection pasadena texas non-metallic

Skid mounted systems are widely used for a variety of applications. Their ease of transport and maintenance makes them ideal. All of our skid mounted packages come with highly corrosion resistant materials for the most rigorous service conditions.

Fume Scrubbers

Throughout our time in operation we have optimized the many types of scrubbing systems for maximum efficiency and minimal energy consumption and construction cost. Whether you are looking for a Packed Column, Absorption Bed, or Venturi Style scrubber we can offer a custom design to suit specific needs. These different types of scrubbers range in efficiency but can remove as much as 99.9% particulate matter from any gas stream pending particulate size. Traditionally we have built scrubbers as a fully assembled and tested skid mounted unit, featuring automated process controls designed for continuous operation.


Water Treatment

Water treatment packages can be custom designed to customer specifications. By using the right equipment and instrumentation Vee can help you treat and remove impurities from your stream to a very high degree. Vee works with multiple suppliers of pumps, actuators, and instruments to provide flexibility in design and meet any predefined specifications in place. Perhaps you have a system already in design or are in the beginning phase, we can provide assistance any step of the way.

Acid/Caustic Dilution

One of our more popular product lines is our Dilution skid package.  These are designed to dilute either acids, primarily Hydrochloric or Sulfuric Acid  or Sodium Hydroxide, at high strength and inject them into water streams  in  measured doses. This creates dilute Acid or Caustic that is used in a variety of applications.  Regeneration of Demineralized water systems and pH control of boiler feed water or cooling tower water are among the primary applications.

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